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Asian Chicken Tender Wrap

This crunchy wrap is a fresh take on Asian food and comes to us courtesy of Chef Lindsay McMillan and the Jefferson State Culinary & Hospitality Institute.
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10 - 6" Flour Tortillas
1 1/2 pounds Chicken Tenderloins
1/4 cup Cashews, chopped*
1/2 cup  plus 1 Tbsp. Moore's Asian Teriyaki Wing Sauce, divided
For Asian Slaw:
1/2 Red Cabbage, thinly sliced
1 Carrot, thinly sliced
4 Green Onions, chopped
1 cup Rice, cooked
2 Tbsp. Rice Wine Vinegar
3 Tbsp. Mayonnaise

*Cashews are optional if a nut allergy is present


1.  Grill chicken tenderloins while brushing with Moore's Asian Teriyaki Wing Sauce on each side.  Cook until chicken reaches 165 degrees.
2.  Mix all slaw ingredients together.
3.  Place slaw, chicken, and chopped cashews into tortillas, drizzle with reserved Moore's Asian Teriyaki Wing Sauce and roll.
4.  You can enjoy these wraps served warm or cold.