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Spring Cleaning Your Pantry

Spring Cleaning Your Pantry Spring is finally here! And with spring comes spring cleaning! The time when everyone goes through all the stuff they’ve accumulated throughout the past year to organize and clean the house from top to bottom.

While doing yearly deep cleaning, there’s one thing people often forget, and that’s the pantry. Many products get used on a daily basis, but certain condiments may not get used as often and can start to clutter up your pantry.

Most sauces and dressings have the “Use By” or “Expiration” date clearly labeled so it’s easy to see if it’s ready to be tossed. Other condiments aren’t so simple.

It takes a little bit more time to go through spices. But we want you to actually enjoy using spices in your dishes. Here’s how to tell if a spice is still at its best:
Color: Is the color still vibrant? If it’s not bright but washed out, that’s your cue to toss it.
Smell: If the spice naturally has a lot of aroma, a good way to tell if it’s gone bad is by simply smelling it. Does it still have the same potent aroma? If so, it’s a keeper.
Texture: Do they feel crumbly or brittle? Then it’s probably time to throw them out.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the ones that have gotten a little too old, it’s time to organize what’s left. The best way to do this can vary. For some people, alphabetical order makes the most sense. For others, grouping spices by heat or by cuisine types might be best.

We encourage you to take an hour or two this weekend, and spring clean your pantry.

This way, each time you want to add some spices or condiments to your dish, you not only know where they are, but you also get the flavor you’re going for.

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